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The world is changing at a rapid pace. On the one hand, the playing field gets more and more complex by the day. On the other, data, among other things, affords us clearer insights. The skill lies in gathering the right insights. And using them. For direction and action. In the name of short- or long-term outcomes.


Data. A magical word these days. And rightly so, providing… You apply it. We help you gather and analyse the right data. And trust us: relevant internal and external data will be to hand at your company, too. But as far as we are concerned, the magic lies not in the gathering. Rather in the analysis and interpretation. This is what enables you to act on those insights. We call them actionable insights: insights you can exploit right away to get results. By refining your strategy; optimising you customer journey; making your media plan more efficient; identifying your highest-scoring target group and approaching similar profiles; by predicting the next web page and loading it already; or by using weather data for your online marketing campaign to great effect, as we did for A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet Party Service. To name but a few examples.

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Nienke Bouw
Project manager Happy Data
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‘The future depends on what you do today’, Gandhi once said. ‘True as a cow’, as they say in Holland. So what should you be doing? Zeitgeist and technology are changing substantially. And sectors and organisations along with them. We like to help you think about how to stay relevant and create opportunities. Depending on the matter in hand, we develop a practical programme in which we quickly gather data and other insights and inspiration. Marking a point on the horizon, so to speak. Making a plan of action so that we can build towards a successful future.

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Bart Meulepas
Group Strategy Director
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